Enterosoluble capsule


1Not readily soluble in stomach
With an acid-resistant outer shell ,the capsules are not readily soluble ,in the stomach but dissolve in the intestines.
This is the perfect capsule for products whose ingredients need to reach the intestine.
2Can be used for various dosage forms
Clients have the choice of various dosage forms because it can be used for both rotary-die soft capsules and seamless soft capsule.


  1. 1Ingredients with a strong residual small after being taken: Fish oil, krill oil, garlic, etc.
  2. 2Ingredients that break down in gastric acid: Bifidobacterium, lactic (acid) bacterium, protein, etc.
  3. 3Ingredients that place a burden on the stomach: Pepper (capsaicin), heme iron, etc.

Disintegration test

Conforms with No.18 Japanese Pharmacopoeia
Disintegration Test enteric-coated preparation
Liquid 1: after 120 minutes, still intact;
Liquid 2: within 60 minutes, disintegrates

Liquid 1 (artificial gastric acid)

Liquid 2 (artificial intestinal fluid)

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