The keyword is “Open Innovation”.The keyword is
“Open Innovation”.

Fuji Capsule has been enhancing collaboration with universities and other companies, etc. and working on joint development projects through “Open Innovation”.

Triggered by the establishment of the Innovation Center in 2014, we have strengthened our efforts in joint development projects to solve issues and problems with our customers. We will continue to improve our encapsulation technology to meet various market demands and expand our business through innovations.

Fuji Capsule is always in search of business creation through innovations in encapsulation technology.

By taking advantage of the cutting-edge facilities of the Innovation Center, we will promote R&D in a speedy manner and create dream technologies with a view to the future and the world. We welcome everybody to join us in utilizing our Innovation Center through joint development.
Let’s make the future together!

We host many research exchange meetings with academia.
Leading-edge academia and industry work together in creating the new field of technology.

<Examples of research exchange meetings hosted by Fuji Capsule>
● Prof. Makoto Otsuka, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Musashino University
● Prof. Shigeru Itai, School of Pharmaceutical Science, University of Shizuoka
● Prof. Tetsuya Ozeki, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagoya City University

Fuji Capsule promotes research through joint research agreements with the University of Shizuoka and Musashino University. The photographs on the right are from social-cum-joint classroom lecture sessions held on the premises of Fuji Capsule for the Professors, Associate Professors and researchers of the universities and the members of Fuji Capsule’s development headquarters. At the joint classroom lectures, several people from Fuji Capsule and universities gave presentations on various research themes and development themes, followed by active and detailed discussions.

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