Capsule for Cosmetics and Quasi-Drugs

Advantages of twist-off capsule

1Useful for single-use applications
Applicable as single-use containers of fluids for, for instance, cosmetics and quasi-drugs.
2Easy to twist-off
The tip can be easily twisted off to squeeze out the content sealed in the main part.
3Plant-derived film
For simple twisting off and no animal odor, we recommend vegetable material for these capsules.
* Also available in gelatin films.

Advantages of soft agar capsule & Aqua Julie

1Usable for cosmetics with oily and water parts coexisting
The film of soft agar capsules can be made extremely soft.
Oil-containing capsules can be dispersed into an aqueous solution. Suited for making cosmetics without using emulsifiers.
2Ideal for containing insoluble powder and water-soluble materials
Aqua Julie is a uniform spherical gel made of agar etc. Useful for containing insoluble powders or water-soluble materials.
3Insoluble to aqueous gel
Soft agar capsule and Aqua Julie do not dissolve in aqueous conditions such as aqueous gel.

“Aqua Julie” is a trademark of Fuji Capsule Co., Ltd.

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