Capsule for Cosmetics and Quasi-Drugs

Advantages of twist-off capsule

1Useful for single-use applications
Applicable as single-use containers of fluids for, for instance, cosmetics and quasi-drugs.
2Easy to twist-off
The tip can be easily twisted off to squeeze out the content sealed in the main part.
3Plant-derived film
For simple twisting off and no animal odor, we recommend vegetable material for these capsules.
* Also available in gelatin films.

Features of Wet Agar Capsules

1Contains Oil Ingredients
Agar is used in the capsule shell encapsulating oil ingredients in a water resistant 2 layer capsule.
Capsules containing functional ingredients, flavors, etc., have been designed to eliminate any residue when crushed. (Adjustable to the desired hardness)
3Transparent Capsule Shell
Capsule shell is highly transparent, so it is suitable for visual appeal of encapsulated functional ingredients.

Features of Aqua Julie

1Water Resistant Gel Beads
Aqua Julie capsules are a water-resistant gel bead (single granule) in which functional ingredients, pigments, etc. are dispersed in a gelling agent made from plant materials (agar, carrageenan, etc.).
2Can contain insoluble fine powder and water-soluble substances
Can contain water-soluble raw materials, insoluble powders, pigments, etc., and no residue remains when crushed. (Adjustable to the desired hardness)
3Attractive Visual Presence
Aqua Julie beads have an attractive visual presence that can represent a combination of functional ingredients.

“Aqua Julie” is a registered trademark.

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