Soft Capsule

Soft Capsule

Soft capsule is a film formed into a certain shape while filling it with a liquid or paste.
It can be used in many ways including as a simple container (not to be ingested), to be swallowed whole, or by crushing it.

Main products

  • Capsules that prevent delayed dissolution
  • Enterosoluble capsule
  • Plant-derived capsule
  • Quick-release capsule for the mouth
  • Capsule with gummy texture
  • Cosmetic Applications Twist Off Capsule
  • Cosmetic Applications Wet Agar Capsule
  • Cosmetic Applications Aqua Julie

Advantages of soft capsules

  • Aesthetically pleasing, and easy to swallow
  • Consistent in the amount of contained fluid
  • Able to shield unpleasant odors or taste
  • Low in oxygen permeability and prevents oxidation of the content
  • Reduces scattering of highly bioactive powders
  • Usable as a disposable container
Introduction to Fuji Capsule’s technology on soft capsule preparation

Introduction to soft capsule

“Two manufacturing methods” of soft capsules

Soft capsules are manufactured by concurrently formulating a film and filling the film with the content. There are two manufacturing principles.
One is a rotary method, where two film sheets are placed between two die rolls while injecting a liquid such as medicine between the two sheets, and the dies perform pressured formation, sealing and cutting of the capsules. This is also known as “punching method”.
The other is a seamless method, where a liquid such as medicine is dropped from the inner section of a double concentric nozzle while film liquid containing a gelling agent from the outer section, and round seamless capsules are formulated by means of the interfacial tension. This also known as the “dripping method”.

History of soft capsule manufacturing in Japan

History of soft capsule manufacturing in Japan is literally the history of Fuji Capsule.
Since its first president Nobuyasu Kato started the soft capsule manufacturing business in Japan more than 75 years ago, Fuji Capsule has always led the soft capsule manufacturing industry in Japan as the pioneer.
We will continue to commit ourselves in creating innovations in soft capsules. Click here to see the history of Fuji Capsule

“Forms” of soft capsules

Our soft capsules are available in various shapes and sizes as shown below.
In rotary method manufacturing, any shape can be taken by making a die in accordance with your need and imagination.
In seamless method manufacturing, while the shape is limited to a spherical design, the capsule diameter can be varied finely in the range from 2 mm to 10 mm. Minute capsules with a diameter of 0.5-1.5 mm are also available, although their size may become somewhat non-uniform.

Rotary soft capsulesThe basic manufacturing method of soft capsules.

  • Ovals
  • Rounds
  • Oblongs
  • Suppositories
  • Tubes
  • Special shapes

Seamless soft capsulesOnly in a round shape, yet available in very small sizes.

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