Capsules that prevent delayed dissolution F-CAPS


1Prevents delayed disintegration
Smooth disintegration, even with materials such as blueberries, fish oils, garlic, and black vinegar that tend to dissolve slowly over time.
2Same colors, strength as traditional products.
The capsules have the same appearance and strength as those with gelatin outer shell.
3Uses phytic acid
Adding the natural ingredient phytic acid to the capsule’s outer shell dramatically increases the disintegration capacity of soft capsules (GRAS certified)
4Same cost as gelatin capsules
For ingredients that may have delayed disintegration, F-CAPS broaden the options just like normal gelatin capsule do for other ingredients.

Sales performances

Since 2006, many clients have praised the greater prevention of delayed disintegration and use the capsules for various products.
(200 million capsules sold in 2013)

Comparison of disintegration capacity

What is phytic acid?
Phytic acid is a natural ingredient extracted from rice bran that has strong anti-oxidation and metal chelating properties. It is used to stabilize the quality of canned juice, canned goods, and fermented goods. Research on the various effects phytic acid has on physiological activity have indicated that it is effective in preventing urinary stones*1, kidney stones*2, and colon cancer*3. Phytic acid is listed in Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients and included in the list of food additives. TSUNO Co Ltd, is GRAS certified.
*1 Ebisuno, Shoichi, “Jinzo to Toseki(Kidneys and Dialysis)” 122, 123 (1987).
*2 T. Ohkawa, S. Ebisuno et al. “J. Urol” 132, 1140 (1984).
*3 E. Graf, J.W. Eaton, “Cancer” 56, 717 (1985).

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