Quick-release capsule for the mouth


1Ingredients quickly spread throughout the mouth
This is the perfect capsule for products such as breath fresheners as the contents are quickly released in the mouth.
It is also appropriate for pharmaceuticals.
2Can be taken without water
The capsules can be taken even when no water is available, and by people who must limit their water intake.
3Tasty capsule
Flavors can be added so that even children will like to take them.
4 Recommended for children and elderly people
It is also possible to make small seamless capsules.

Comparison of disintegration capacity

Traditional gelatin capsule

Traditional gelatin capsule

Quick-release capsule for the mouth

Quick-release capsule for the mouth

* Conceptual photograph based on results of disintegration tests.

Evaluated using Tricorp Tester

Disintegration test by dropping artificial saliva on the capsule without placing pressure on it.

Test results

Release time6.8s Disintegration time18.5s
Test conditions
● Test liquid (KCl: 1.47 g/L, Tween 80: 0.3%, distilled water)
● Test liquid,measured temperature 37°C
● Dripping speed: 6 ml/min

Nipro Corporation

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