Plant-derived capsule : GREENCAP


1Plant-derived outer shell
The outer shell is made from vegetable material such as starch (from potato, tapioca, or corn) and carrageenan (from seaweed).
2No animal smell
Since the outer shell has little odor, the animal smell typical of gelatin does not permeate to the interior liquid.
3 No delay in disintegration
There is no delay in disintegration because no molecular bridges develop due to reaction with substances such as aldehyde.
4Thinner layers, smaller capsules possible
It is possible to make capsules with thinner layers and smaller capsules than those made from gelatin.
5Soft capsule possible
It is also possible to make soft capsules as the material is elastic but not adhesive.

Various applications available

  • Rotary capsulesRotary capsules
  • Seamless capsulesSeamless capsules
  • twist-off capsuletwist-off capsule

Comparison of heat resistance and color change

Heat resistance

Color change

Other soft capsule products

  • Capsules that prevent delayed dissolution
  • Enterosoluble capsule
  • Plant-derived capsule
  • Quick-release capsule for the mouth
  • Capsule with gummy texture
  • Cosmetic Applications Twist Off Capsule
  • Cosmetic Applications Wet Agar Capsule
  • Cosmetic Applications Aqua Julie

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