Trial manufacturing and joint development
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Flow of joint development (Example)



Our sales representatives will listen to the customers to understand the tasks and problems in realizing the product. If necessary, we will send our engineers to our customers for further details. Through these activities, we share problem awareness with the customers.


Internal conference, considerations, and trial manufacture planning

Based on the meeting, information will be shared among the relevant departments in Fuji Capsule, considerations will be given and a trial manufacturing plan will be formulated. Considerations span not only product realization but also evaluation methods thereafter.


Preparation consideration and trial manufacturing

Based on the formulated plan, we will give considerations on the preparation if necessary, and perform trial manufacturing.



Once trial manufacturing is complete, we will perform (1) evaluation of product feasibility, (2) evaluation of prototype performance, (3) chemical evaluation such as component analysis where necessary, (4) physical property evaluation where necessary, etc.


Considerations and evaluations on issues that require improvement

In response to the evaluation results, we will consider if there is any improvement needed. If improvement is necessary, we will perform again considerations and trial manufacturing or review the project through discussions with the customer.

Relevant Sections

Considerations on preparation

For the case of materials with no past experience or preparations with little experience, small-scale laboratory testing is performed before carrying out trial manufacturing.


Trial manufacturing

Performs trial manufacturing. Our Innovation Center is equipped with facilities dedicated for trial manufacturing of smooth and flexible responses to small-scale trial manufacturing.


Inspections and examinations

The manufactured prototype undergoes general evaluation tests on the shape and unit weight as well as chemical analysis and physical property evaluations where necessary.


Advanced equipment that realizes state-of-the-art research activities

3D X-ray microscope

(1) 3D X-ray microscope

Simultaneous thermogravimetry/differential thermal analysis (TG/DTA) Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)

(2) Simultaneous thermogravimetry/differential thermal analysis (TG/DTA)
Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)

Nanoparticle characterization device

(3) Nanoparticle characterization device

Digital microscope + super-deep multi-angle observation system

(4) Digital microscope + super-deep multi-angle observation system

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