Apologies and announcements about suspicious (spoofing) e-mails that we disguised!

Mar 15, 2022

This time, it was confirmed that a suspicious (spoofing) mail, which looked like our group employees, was illegally transmitted to our group employees and to a large number of unspecified persons who were contacted by e-mail.
We deeply apologize for the great inconvenience and concern we have caused to our customers and related parties.
Suspicious (spoofing) Mail is distinguished by the different name display and mail address of the sender.

Concretely, the name of our group employees is displayed in the sender column, but it is an e-mail sent from an e-mail address that differs from our domain (***

Suspicious (spoofing) Opening files (Zip format, Excel or Word format) attached to mail or clicking the URL in the text may cause malware transmission or unauthorized access.

Therefore, if you receive a suspicious mail that is disguised as a group employee, please confirm the sender address.

If the @ mark below is not our domain (***, please delete the mail without opening the attached file or clicking the URL in the text.

Although we are taking measures against computer viruses and malware in our group, we will strive to prevent the spread of damage in response to this situation, and we will further strengthen our information security measures.
Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

For more information on Emotet (Emotet), please refer to the following website of the Information Technology Promotion Organization (IPA).
About Mail Aiming for Infection to a Virus called "Emotet"